Forced Family Fun

Hiking, swimming, s’mores, lunch, and cousin time. It was SO fun to get to be together with everyone spending time with cousins and eating yummy food. The summer has already been amazing and we’re so excited for another two months of fun!

Wells is ONE

Wells is ONE. I can’t believe it. He is curious, happy, goofy, funny, sweet, fearless, and everything wonderful.

We spent the day having fun, opening presents, eating cake, getting McDonald’s, swimming, and really just having a blast. I’m not sure how he got so old and where the time went, but I’m so happy he’s ours.

Happy, happy birthday to my baby boy.


I can not BELIEVE Wells is going to turn ONE this week. I’m honestly in shock. We had the best Rookie of the Year birthday party with family and friends. Hot dogs, chips, fruit, cupcakes and cake. Wells LOVED it. The kids loved the outside bounce house, Wells got amazing gifts from all of our sweet friends, and it was just so amazing to see all the people we love come together to celebrate our little dude.


Block building has stayed a staple of fun this summer along with hot wheels, and the new BOUNCE HOUSE we gave Wells for his birthday (early.)

Graham was OBSESSED with Lightyear! He was flying his Buzz toy before during and after the movie and won’t stop talking about it. The boys wore Buzz jammies and even though Wells didn’t make it very far into the movie, it was a hit. Popcorn, candy, drinks, and a great movie!

I also helped put together a Primary activity that was SO cute. We did a Follow the Prophet theme and there was a rotation for each prophet from the song. I helped at the station about Adam and helped all the kids plant little plants in containers to take home. There was an animal matching game for Noah, a video about LDS Helping Hands and writing down what you’ll do to help others for Enoch, an Israelite obstacle course for Moses, finger puppets for Daniel, Marco Polo game for Samuel, and of course a giant WHALE to ride around in on a trailer for Jonah! The kids that came had a blast and it was a fun activity to be involved in!

June has been super fun so far and I’m excited for what else is ahead!

Aunt Beth + Uncle Gavin

Aunt Beth and Uncle Gavin got MARRIED. It was a wonderful day! Graham and Wells were SO sick and probably ruined every photo BUT it was still a beautiful day full of good food and lots of fun. The venue was BEAUTIFUL and the temple was awesome and they looked SO happy and in love. It was everything you could want! They got married in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and had Cafe Rio for lunch and a reception in Clearfield with cookies and fruit. It was all so fun and magical. There was a fun dance party with friends and even though the boys were NOT feeling good, it was still a great day!

Before the wedding we went and did nails with the Richards girls and had a bachelorette party that was so fun. It was everything I think we could have hoped and more!

We went to our 10 year high school reunion the next day and Randy and the 3 Hour Shower band from high school played. It was such a fun throwback! While the boys were still sick we didn’t get to visit a ton but it was nice to see some friends and reconnect. I can’t believe it’s been TEN YEARS since we graduated. Time sure flies. Wells even found a little friend and wouldn’t stop holding her hand!

And since the boys haven’t been 100% we’ve been doing lots of blocks, books, movies, cuddles. The evolution of Graham keeping Wells away from his stuff kills me.

It hasn’t been quite the intro to summer that we expected but it’s been fun nonetheless!

Feels Like Summer

We wrapped up swimming lessons for the year and I can not believe how far Graham has come! He want from crying about getting in the pool and not wanting his face wet, to jumping in off the diving board, getting to the surface, floating, and then swimming to the side. I can’t believe it!

Graham had his last day of preschool! We went to his preschool celebration which was SO cute. They loved showing favorite songs and activities from the year. I am SO proud of how much Graham has learned this year. But I’m also so excited for summer time with mom!

He’s growing up so fast and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. So I’ll just hold on for the ride!

Eleven Months Old

How is it possible my baby is eleven months old?? I swear I was pregnant ten minutes ago! But in other ways, I can’t remember how we did anything before he was here.

Wells had a busy, busy month!

-first plane ride and trip to Disney. He loved it but wanted to crawl everywhere which is tricky standing in line for a ride!
-he crawls up the stairs at an alarmingly fast pace.
-he says hey, dada, and bye bye.
-he still does his goofy crawl but can fly across the room. he also walks behind toys or boxes or cars to steady himself.
-he’s a tornado, moving fast and making messes more than Graham ever did!
-he will eat anything and everything and is getting more teeth to help him chomp.
-he loves being held, sleeps like a champ, and for all his craziness he is still so sweet!
Can’t wait to keep watching you grow baby boy

Graham is FOUR

I can hardly believe it. He can’t be four already! It was just yesterday that I called the hospital, drove in, laughed the day away, wasn’t sure I could do it, met him. No tears that day, just calm and sweet. Four years with him hasn’t been nearly enough and I can’t wait for every second I will get with him. It’s truly an honor to be Graham’s mom.

The sweetest, kindest, smartest, goofiest kid in the world. He loves imagination games, reading, coloring, riding his scooter or bike, playing with mom or dad or wells, and music. He is everything good.

We celebrated his birthday with presents, cake, going to a school field trip, Old McDonald’s for lunch, playing with his new toys, a bike ride, his favorite foods for dinner, and of course more cake!

We had a little Spidey and his Amazing Friends birthday party at the end of the week and Graham was in heaven playing with his friends. Really and truly it was the best birthday and I can’t wait to see what this year of being 4 will bring.


Disneyland as a parent was PURE MAGIC. It hit so different and was the most amazing time. Randy and I both started crying randomly multiple times because it was so perfect. The boys were so well behaved and had so much fun. Here are a few notes about our trip so we can remember forever!

Day 1: We went on almost every ride and Graham was very nervous about a few of them (Star Tours) and the other Star Wars ones) but he was SO a brave and even rode most of them twice for rider swap. He loved seeing R2 and Chewy and some other characters, and kept asking where Mickey was, if Mickey would come meet him on a ride, etc. He loved seeing Mickey in a parade and he waved right at him! The Monte Cristo lunch was bomb and we enjoyed turkey legs and churros. Graham says his favorites are Astro Blasters and Pinocchio (a couple times it was his least favorite) and small world. On the rides Wells could ride he would just get so quiet and stare! He seemed to love everything and his only issue was wanting to crawl or walk around in line. Graham was the spy in Star Tours. Star Wars land was amazing and Randy and I couldn’t get enough!

Day 2: We woke up and went to California adventure. Graham rode on Mater’s Junkyard and LOVED it. He was obsessed with Radiator Springs Racers and couldn’t wait to go again. He liked Web Slingers and mom had victory and got the most points! Wells has been such a happy and sweet baby the whole trip. We ate lunch at the wharf with Ben and Kim after a morning of lots of rides. Graham did not like Guardians but loved watching the Avenger and Spider-Man shows. Graham asked us for a Wall-e stuffed animal for his birthday. We ordered one for over $30 and were planning to give it to him. On Pixar Pier we saw carnival games with a Wall-e plush! We learned two people had to play for $5 and the winner got the toy. So it was the same Wall-e plush for only ten bucks! We had to do it. Another family wanted to play us for a larger toy, but we weren’t going to do that. We watched them play someone else and lose! It was really sad but made us laugh a little bit. But Graham played and won! He’s obsessed with this toy and it is so cute. We rested at the hotel which was a very smart idea. Hot dogs and fried chicken with Ghirardelli for dessert and the amazing World of Color. Graham loved the whole thing! 

Day 3: We woke up and had breakfast at the Storyteller’s Cafe which was so delicious and Graham was in heaven seeing characters. Wells was unsure how to feel about them. Dale tried to play a game with him and it was too funny! We got to the park still pretty early and went to Cards Land Radiator Racers! Graham loves that ride. We got on a bunch of other rides in DCA and went to the Disney Junior Dance Party which meant we got to see Vamperina, Doc McStuffins, and the Roadster Racers! We spent the afternoon riding the Incredicoaster, and Thomas gave Randy a run for his money trying to escape! We went to the Pixar Animation Studios and enjoyed Turtle Talk with Crush. We took the quiz in Beast’s Library and Graham’s said he was sensitive, kind, cared about his friends, and it said he was like WallE. Randy and I burst into tears it was too tender! We couldn’t believe how accurate that was, he’s so sweet and kind and sensitive. Wells got Captain Hook which made us laugh because that also feels accurate! After resting at the hotel we went back to Disneyland for the afternoon and evening, just enjoying walking around and getting on rides! We ate Rancho for dinner after theTikii room!

Day 4:

Another rope drop morning heading right to Fantasyland to get on Peter Pan, Alice, the Teacups, and Snow White! Graham and wells both loved the rides and had a blast seeing everything. We went on Splash Mountain which Graham wasn’t sure about. Maddy went by herself with a wild bunch. After a hotel rest we waited for the electrical parade and saw Maddy’s friend Lauren. We ate corn dogs and beignets and ice cream. We woke up Wells for the parade and the boys both loved it SO much. They couldn’t stop talking about the lights, pointing, laughing, and clapping. Grandma and Grandpa had held our spot for us all day which was so kind of them.

Day 5: We hauled at rope drop and made it to Rise of the Resistance! Graham warmed up exponentially to the ride and really enjoyed it! We had blue milk and cookies and rode rides with the family. We went crazy to hit every single ride we wanted to repeat. We ate bao and fruit for lunch which was delicious, got souvenirs, and then moved to our new hotel for the night. Then it was right back to DCA to do everything one last time and eat at Flo’s. We wandered around soaking in Disney and watched the fireworks. We went hard to hit a few last rides and went back to sleep exhausted. 

It was such an amazing trip, and we can’t wait to go back again someday soon!

Showering my baby sis

We had the best day showering my baby sister and her fiance Gavin. We got all the family together to meet, learn about the love birds, and get ready for the big day. It was SO much fun and we are so lucky to have Gain in our family!