Graham loves his bamboo plant, doing crafts with neighbors, and school! Wells loves the slide, photos, and learns new words all the time. We decorated for Christmas which was so magical, with Christmas music and hot cocoa. We are loving every minute of this season.


THE BEST HALLOWEEN! The boys had the best day with crafts, treats, a great show, and then COSTUME TIME. We pulled the fire pit out front and had donuts and candy. The boys went around and got tons of candy and we had SO MANY trick or treaters. It was so fun to meet so many of our neighbors and see the ones we know. Graham was stoked to be the Evil Emperor Zurg and Wells was the CUTEST Buzz Lightyear. Graham got to wear his costume to art class and to school where he got to play fun games. Wells is getting more and more talkative everyday, and is SO opinionated. I just love them both to pieces and feel so lucky that they are mine!


Randy let me run away with my best friends to Seattle for the weekend and it was truly magical.

We grabbed some Shake Shack in the airport, watched Sleepless in Seattle on the plane, and hit the ground running once we were in Seattle! Right to Pike’s Chowder and then immediately to the Space Needle. It was SO beautiful and so cool to see the whole city and the harbor from up that high. It was cold but we decided to be brave and get scooters and head to the Ferris Wheel. It was SO beautiful and so insanely fun to see the city at night! We then went to get Din Tai Fung which was AMAZING. So delicious.

We hopped into the hot tub for just a minute and then it was off to bed! In the morning we went right to the Pike Place Market and wandered around, shopped, ate delicious macaroons and pastries, and shopped some more! We went to the CUTEST place called the Pink Door for lunch and it was SO good. Scallops to die for! Then it was off to the Museum of Pop Culture which was when I missed Randy the MOST because he would have loved it! After the museum it was more scooter rides to go to the harbor and enjoy the beautiful views. Then up to get some pizza for dinner, and of course, more dumplings in bed!

The morning we had to go we went all-out to get our matching pajama photo, ate a delicious brunch at the cutest place, and then it was time to get bak to the real world!

I’m forever grateful that moving to our neighborhood has meant finding friends who are so incredible. I love them so much and I am so lucky I conned them into being friends with me!

Halloween Parties

We’ve been spoiled rotten with so many fun Halloween parties this October! Frieda Khalo and Diego Rivera helped Graham paint a Halloween pumpkin. We had a super fun Halloween breakfast with friends enjoying pumpkin pancakes and painting pumpkins. We had a cousin Halloween party at Scary Hill with pizza, painting pumpkins, costumes, and trick or treating. We had a Holes group costume with our best friends with the delinquents, the Warden, Mr. Sir, Dr. Pendanski, and Kissin Kate Barlow. We made sand potions and ate delicious food. It was really the best couple weeks of fun Halloween activities and even more are coming as Halloween gets closer!

We also had the Primary Program and Graham did SO AMAZING. He was so impressive with his memorized scripture and knowing all the words to the songs. Wells wanted to be up there with the kids so badly and loved the music so much.

October in the Mountains

We ran away to the mountains to see the beautiful colors and I was in heaven. We got to go to Black Island Farms with Courtney and Tommy which was SO fun. They boys loved the giant slide and so did we! It was fast, but super fun.

Fall is always the best time and we are enjoying every second of cooler weather, beautiful colors, school, art class, and more.

Fall Things

Cozy movies with friends, General Conference, field trips to the pumpkin patch. Fall is here and we are so excited. Wells loves to be outside, ride his bike, and he’s starting to love Daniel Tiger. Graham had a field trip to Black Island Farms and grabbed a pumpkin. He LOVED running around with his friends and was more brave and outgoing than I have ever seen him!

September Weekends

Randy ran a HALF MARATHON and he killed it. 4th in his age devision and 12th overall. For his very first half marathon that was incredible. I’m so proud. It was a terrain run so even harder and he did so great.

We celebrated Randy’s grandparents 60th anniversary and it was so fun to be together. We love Rod and Peggy!

And we went to Huntsville with the Jensen’s and it was a BLAST. Delicious pizza, playing in the park, a dance party, games, movies, breakfast, rollerblading. It was just the best time!

Maddy Is 29

My birthday was honestly so incredible this year. I was spoiled by my friends, family, my colleagues. Honestly the day was incredible. I slept in, got a bunch of texts, had the sweetest friends drop off gifts, opened amazing presents from Randy. Earlier he had taken me on a SHOPPING SCAVENGER HUNT which was SO fun. He designed the whole thing and I bought amazing things I may not have otherwise. I went and got an INCREDIBLE pedicure with Randy and then we had a delicious dinner. It was such a great day overall and I am so excited and happy about the year ahead.

Courtney also orchestrated us buying each other some FERRARI ROLLER BLADES and it was SO fun to spend the day blading around together. I’m just the luckiest!

Back To School

We enjoyed a beautiful Labor Day Weekend at the zoo with family. Graham was so excited to see the tigers and the polar bear, Wells loved the monkeys. The lions were incredible and the leopards were eating while we were walking by. The whole thing was amazing and it was so fun to be there with the family!

That evening we enjoyed our Back to School Feast. We made delicious food and had a fancy meal and talked about our goals for the year. We had beautiful prayers and got ready for the school year ahead. There were fun desserts and it was just a great night.

Graham is in preschool again this year and he was so excited, and nervous! On the day he loved getting the pictures, but when we dropped him off he was so nervous! He was crying a bit but got in the groove and was ready to go after a few minutes.

I am SO proud of Graham. Right now he tells us he wants to be a racecar driver, he loves learning about anything and everything, he loves reading with us and is starting to figure out how to read himself. He knows all the sounds and letters and numbers and he’s so stinking smart. I just love him and am so proud!


My cute friends threw me the most AMAZING surprise birthday party in the world the other day. One texted me asking if we could go get a treat because she was having a rough day. She said another was still getting hair done. I texted my friend across the street and offered to bring by some biscuits I had made. I got to Sydney’s house and asked what she wanted to go do. SHOCK she had a blindfold. I still didn’t get it. I thought maybe she was taking me to dinner or to go get a treat. We showed up to Navy’s house and THIS. The CUTEST Parent Trap party in the world. Camp Walden shirts custom made by Sydney, banners and signs she designed and printed, a delicious cake and dessert she made. Balloons and the movie and all the magic, music, flowers, provided by Navy. An entire poker game with nail polish and candy, Evian water with the tiny lizards from Kat. Chili and cornbread that was SO good from Catherine. It was all so perfect I wanted to die! PLUS they all gave me such thoughtful gifts. Like how in the world did I land these friends?? I’m truly the luckiest person alive.