Family Time

We have had so much fun with family time! The kids love playing kitchen, blocks, hide n’ seek, tag, and everything else. They were singing “Find a way to play together” from Daniel Tiger the wholeee time they were playing the other day and it cracked us all up!

Graham follows Candace and Tommy around and just wants to be just like them. We help them play hide and seek with Mel and it’s such a blast.

This week we all went to Scary Hill and it was SO much fun! The kids loved golfing and finding their way in the maze, seeing all the “Spooky Scary Skeletons” and more.

In the midst of lots of work, we have had so much fun and Graham is growing up like crazy! He can repeat all of his favorite books back to us, loves singing songs to us, is great at counting and naming colors, shapes, saying the ABC’s, and more. I can’t believe how big he is getting.

COVID has made this really crazy, but we’re grateful for the chances we have to spend time with family, wear masks, spend time outside and socially distant from friends, and more.


We have had so much fun in October so far! Ben and Kim and their family surprised us by driving from CA to visit. They knocked on the door and my parents were in SHOCK. It was so fun!

Graham and Mel love playing together. For some reason they wanted to play inside the Pack N Play and Graham started being SO WEIRD. It made me laugh!

Painting pumpkins!

Great Grandpa Dave also drove down from Colorado for a quick visit. He has been really cautious with COVID and so have all of us, so we decided to move our hunkering down together for a little while. It was great for Graham and the other great-grandkids to get to spend some time with him!

Fall Activities

We loved watching General Conference, we made some AMAZING food, biscuits and gravy, arugula, hash browns, eggs on one morning, and cinnamon roll waffles the other. We spent time with family too and it was just a great weekend.

Plus, a drive up to see the leaves is always my favorite thing.

This weekend we went to Scary Hill and it was a BLAST. We played mini golf which Graham loved, rode the bumper boats, did the maze, and rode in the tractor. Graham had such a blast and it was so well put together—everyone wearing masks, not too crowded, and just a great time.

Randy passed his first CPA exam!!!!! I COULD NOT be more proud of him. To celebrate we had Chinese food for dinner, and then there was a knock on the door. It was my brother and his family!! They drove from California and surprised us all to come stay for a few weeks. It was honestly SO awesome—I actually knew before that they were coming but the surprise element was SO fun. We’re stoked to hang out with them and do some fun fall activities.

A walk in the woods

The changing leaves are one of my favorite things in the world. Every fall I love taking drives up into the mountains to catch the leaves as they start to turn to fire. And now getting to show that to Graham is making me love it even more.

We also love pumpkin sugar cookies, pumpkin candles, cozy sweaters, new decorations, and more. I’m obsessed with fall and even though things are strange this year, we’re still having the best time celebrating the seasons.