Fall Activities

We loved watching General Conference, we made some AMAZING food, biscuits and gravy, arugula, hash browns, eggs on one morning, and cinnamon roll waffles the other. We spent time with family too and it was just a great weekend.

Plus, a drive up to see the leaves is always my favorite thing.

This weekend we went to Scary Hill and it was a BLAST. We played mini golf which Graham loved, rode the bumper boats, did the maze, and rode in the tractor. Graham had such a blast and it was so well put together—everyone wearing masks, not too crowded, and just a great time.

Randy passed his first CPA exam!!!!! I COULD NOT be more proud of him. To celebrate we had Chinese food for dinner, and then there was a knock on the door. It was my brother and his family!! They drove from California and surprised us all to come stay for a few weeks. It was honestly SO awesome—I actually knew before that they were coming but the surprise element was SO fun. We’re stoked to hang out with them and do some fun fall activities.

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