Cousins and Swimming

Having cousins in town is the best! Graham has a BLAST going over to Grandma’s to see them. They play outside, run around the house, and just have so much fun. It’s so cute to see them all getting to be such good friends.

Graham also has started swimming lessons and I am SO PROUD with how far he has come. He was so nervous with his first couple lessons, he would just cry and ask to come back to mom. But he could be talked out of it and was brave and willing to try things. Now he goes under the water, floats on his back, does superman’s to the wall, and is learning some strokes. I am SO proud of him. He’s come so far and is so much more confident in the water already. I just love him and could not be more proud! He loves his teacher and is excited to get to go. He is so cautious and he has done amazing at overcoming his fears.

Graham Is Three!!!

I can’t believe my baby boy is three!

We spent the day doing Graham’s favorite things like eating mac and cheese, opening presents, watching Jett, reading books, playing with trains, and having a fun party! Complete with pizza, Jazz cupcakes, and family. Graham loved his Spider-Man ball and pjs, his Jett toys, his Captain American shield, and all the fun presents he got. He was SO spoiled but he deserved it.

Graham is the sweetest boy I’ve ever met. He is SO polite, kind, and wants to be nice to others. He’s super sensitive and tender which I love about him. He’s so cautious which can be a struggle as we work to try new things, but I would never change it.

Graham loves Jett and all airplanes, SPIDER MAN and the other superheroes, Toy Story, The Little Blue Truck Led the Way, reading, blocks, trains, playing outside on the tramp, stickers, crafts, cooking in his kitchen, and more. He always has to sleep with Edgar and his White Doggie, he moved into his big kid bed and is loving it.

Graham SOBS when he gets in trouble which is sweet. But he’s getting a little more sassy which is a new thing for us! He has a very strong sense of what is right and wrong and wants to obey the rules. He is SO smart and knows all the letters and their sounds, and all the numbers. He has a huge vocabulary and loves learning new things. We do our little at-home preschool and he’s crushing it.

Every day with Graham is a great adventure and I’m so proud of the little person he’s becoming.

Zoo Day

We had a great time with cousins at the zoo! Graham loved the lions, polar bears, and sea lions so much. When we first asked him what he wanted to see he said pigs and roosters hahaha but he realized quickly that it was other animals!

House Progress

We have a hole and now some footers! I can’t believe it’s all actually happening and sometime this year we will have our first house. I’m dreading the moving part already, but I’m also so excited to see what’s ahead!

Mother’s Day

i thought being a mom would mean a lot of time teaching you. of supporting you. being there for you.
and it is. but it’s a lot of you doing those things for me.
loving these boys of mine has helped me find myself and see the person i want to be.
at the heart of mothering it’s really about love and people and little steps back to ourselves.
and today i am just so grateful for the mess and magic of it.

Tulip Festival

We had the best time at the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Pointe! It was beautiful and they did great at social distancing and masks which was awesome. The flowers were lovely, the lantern lane was so cute, and the Secret Garden was a hit as always! The kids had fun in the gazebo and playing on the paths. We went and got lunch after which was delicious. Graham was SO tired on the way home and was clutching an old In N Out straw which made us laugh. In the evening we went to a family bridal shower for Randy’s cousin and it was so fun to get to see everyone finally. The best way to kick off Mother’s Day Weekend!

House Address

Our lot officially has a sign and address! I had to go over and take a picture! We had our groundbreaking meeting and met our contractor and they will start digging next week! It sounds like it may take a little longer than we thought to get finished due to lumber and concrete shortages, but we will be ok! It’s just so exciting that we are going to be getting started soon. I’ve bought an entertainment center already and have a whole list of things to buy for the house soon!

33 weeks and I can’t believe how real it is getting that baby boy will be here soon! I have a big list of things I need to do to get ready. It feels like the time has flow by, but also gone so slowly. I really don’t know if I’m ready for another newborn! Ready or not, he’s coming! We’re stuck between names Maxwell (Wells), Zayn, Grayson, Stockton, and Davis. We’ll have to see how we feel when he’s born! Next month is baby month! I’m still feeling really good which I’m super grateful for.

The warm weather is AMAZING and Graham is loving going outside to play with the neighborhood kids, jump on the tramp, go for walks, and ride his bike or scooter. He’s so smart and loves doing our little preschool lessons. I’m so proud of him and how he’s growing up. He tells me at least a dozen times a day “Mom, did you know I love you and that we’re best friends?” I’m praying so hard that he never wants to stop being my best friend. He loves Sunflower by Post Malone, Immortals by Fall Out Boy, You’re Welcome from Moana, Life Is A Highway by Rascal Flats, and a few other songs that we listen to on repeat. He loves reading Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse over and over and is getting SO PUMPED for his 3rd birthday. He also loves the Jazz and asks us about the players and their favorite colors often. I’m obsessed with him!

Graham got invited to Charlotte’s 4th birthday party this week and we had so much fun! He is getting great at playing with other kids and it was a fantastic time.