Graham Is Three!!!

I can’t believe my baby boy is three!

We spent the day doing Graham’s favorite things like eating mac and cheese, opening presents, watching Jett, reading books, playing with trains, and having a fun party! Complete with pizza, Jazz cupcakes, and family. Graham loved his Spider-Man ball and pjs, his Jett toys, his Captain American shield, and all the fun presents he got. He was SO spoiled but he deserved it.

Graham is the sweetest boy I’ve ever met. He is SO polite, kind, and wants to be nice to others. He’s super sensitive and tender which I love about him. He’s so cautious which can be a struggle as we work to try new things, but I would never change it.

Graham loves Jett and all airplanes, SPIDER MAN and the other superheroes, Toy Story, The Little Blue Truck Led the Way, reading, blocks, trains, playing outside on the tramp, stickers, crafts, cooking in his kitchen, and more. He always has to sleep with Edgar and his White Doggie, he moved into his big kid bed and is loving it.

Graham SOBS when he gets in trouble which is sweet. But he’s getting a little more sassy which is a new thing for us! He has a very strong sense of what is right and wrong and wants to obey the rules. He is SO smart and knows all the letters and their sounds, and all the numbers. He has a huge vocabulary and loves learning new things. We do our little at-home preschool and he’s crushing it.

Every day with Graham is a great adventure and I’m so proud of the little person he’s becoming.

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