I didn’t take hardly any photos on Thanksgiving! That’s how crazy it is with a baby and how much fun we were having! We got to spend time with both of our families which was awesome. Graham got spoiled rotten and we ate delicious food. Graham is obsessed with eating and was just in heaven trying all the different treats and sides. No turkey for him, yet!

Graham also got to help bake the pies before Thanksgiving which was so cute and fun!


I have been the worst at posting!

November has consisted of a bunch of fun things for our family!

Randy and I went and saw Come From Away which was AMAZING. I loved it SO much. It was hilarious, and so inspirational at the same time. The music was wonderful and it was really just an amazing show.

We also went and saw The Nutcracker with my sister which was the best. It always makes me tear up when I think about my time dancing at The Clytie Adams School of Ballet, doing those same dances. It’s really the best part of the Christmas season.

We’ve spent time with family and friends, and it’s really been a beautiful month!


This year has been magic and I have SO much to be grateful for.

For the best baby boy in the universe who loves cuddles, laughs, and has the sweetest personality.
For a sweet husband who works hard for our family.
For an amazing job that is flexible and allows me to be with Graham.
For a smooth delivery of our little baby.
For my family and Randy’s family who are so good to us.
For our friends who make our life fun and help us still feel cool even though we’re old parents now.
For the exciting things that are coming ahead with Randy graduating and his internship.
For Target and fuzzy blankets and good smelling candles.
For chocolate treats and all of Graham’s cute little cousins.
For a million hands to help us with moving and babysitting and everything else.
For long walks with G in the stroller.
For Netflix original movies and good books.
For a loving Savior and God who help me when I fall short, which is often.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


•G can sit up all by himself!
•He has doubled his birth weight, but is still only in the 4th percentile. Don’t worry, he’s in the 97th for his head HAHA.
•He loves eating real food SO much and gets jealous when we eat and don’t share. His favorites are pears, curry, and ice cream.
•He has the cutest giggle in the universe.
•He rolls all over and wants to crawl so badly!
•He is such a cuddly, sweet guy and I’m obsessed with him!


Randy and I are SO blessed to have the best friends. We went to Friendsgiving this year and had the BEST time. Spencer’s and his family were so sweet to let us go to their gorgeous home, Alexon did tons and tons of cooking, Graham got passed around and was eating up the attention until he fell asleep, and then we did the dishes with our closest pals (which is a huge part of our Friendsgiving tradition) and talked until late. We are so lucky!!

Fall Leaves And Music

We’ve been loving the fall leaves, and Randy and G have the best time jamming together and I love just watching.
Our November has been busy busy busy already and I’m thrilled with all the fun things we have lined up for the holidays. We’re so lucky.