Graham, meet Wells

Graham stayed at Grandma Ann and Grandpa Phil’s house while we were at the hospital. Dad went and picked him up to come home and meet Wells. He was pretty unsure, but wanted to go and grab the baby brother a toy once he got home! He was kind of nervous, but then warmed up and wanted to hold him and was SO cute. He keeps saying “I love my baby brother” or “He’s such a cutie” and calling him Wellsies. I am already so excited about their sweet relationship and can’t wait to see how it grows. Graham keeps wanting to give Wells toys in his swing, he runs in every morning to ask where Wells is and if we can see him, he wants to know why he’s sad or crying, and it’s all just too sweet! I love their cute friendship and hope it only grows and grows.

MAXWELL HIKARU LOW—Welcome To The World!

I was 39 weeks, 5 days and had been having contractions off and on all week.
On Tuesday night I started having contractions at 10:30 or so, but they weren’t regular or terribly strong so I decided to try to sleep through them like I had all week.
I woke up at 1:30 to contractions that were getting more painful. I took a bath and they just kept getting worse!
I was so stressed and unsure about if we should come in or not. I was timing contractions and they were about three minutes apart. I woke Randy and told him the contractions were still there and getting more painful and of course he told me we could do whatever I wanted, but I could tell he didn’t think it was real! I was so torn because I didn’t want to wake Graham and go in just to be sent home.

At 2:10 we called the hospital and they said to come in!
We called my mom and gathered all our things to get ready to go. I was nervous they would send us home but the contractions weren’t stopping.
We woke up Graham and he was so cute looking at the moon and the stars while we drove to my moms.
We dropped him off and said goodbye and I cried thinking about how his world was about to change!
Randy drove fast, may have run a few red lights, as the contractions were getting very painful and I could tell this was it. I was still worried we would get there and they wouldn’t let us in or something and I was wanting an epidural ASAP because the contractions were not fun.
Randy parked the car and I walked in and they got us into triage so I could be checked. They were so fast it was awesome! I was there and getting all checked by 3:30 or so.
I was dilated to a five so they told us we were there to stay!

We moved to labor and delivery and got set up with the sweetest nurses.
The anesthesiologist came to put my epidural in around 4:30 and I started to feel much better. He was seriously AMAZING because I couldn’t feel anything, but I could move my legs a bit and it was incredible. He did such a great job.
We rested and they checked me again before 6 and I was at a 7, so they came in and broke my water for me! Every nurse, med student, resident, and doctor we had was seriously incredible. They made the whole experience so amazing.
We slept and moved from side to side and progressed soooo fast. I was texting family and posting on social media and sleeping, but everything was moving so quick I couldn’t believe it.
At 8:00 AM they told me we were ready to push!! We did some practice pushes and they could see the baby’s hair! I couldn’t believe how different it was than they first time with Graham and I was feeling awesome.

Dr. Gibson was the doctor who delivered Graham, and she was the doctor on call that day and got to deliver Wells! She was seriously amazing, we love her so much.
I pushed for 14 minutes total and he was here!!!! I was laughing and chatting and Dr. Gibson told me to stop laughing or I would laugh the baby out!
I had a team of several nurses and a medical student and a resident and doctor Gibson—every single person in my room was a woman. And it just made me so happy to have all these amazing women surrounding me, doing their job and learning and teaching. It honestly made me tear up to think about how these smart and capable women were all doing these amazing careers and supporting me!
At 8:24 AM, Wells was born!
He has soooo much hair!
They laid him on my chest and he was crying which was so different from Graham and he was so mad, but very cute.
We got to hold him while they cleaned him up, I ate food and we FaceTimed Graham to say hello. Randy got to hold him and we had the most perfect time with our new little guy.
We had come to the hospital thinking he would be named Maxwell and once he was born we just felt great about that name, and knew Wells was just the perfect fit.
He weighed 7lbs 6 oz and was 19 inches long.
It was the perfect day, and I’ve had the best recovery! I was up snd walking within an hour thanks to an incredible epidural, and I didn’t tear at all! It has made recovery a dream so far and I’ve been so lucky. We had a short and great stay at the hospital and got to come home the next day. The whole experience was so wonderful and we love Wells so much!

Almost There—What turned out to be the final bump pic!

We are almost to BABY. Tonight we went and got gelato and had a last little celebration as our family of three. It’s wild to feel like our whole world is going to change so soon. Graham was SO cute while we ate our gelato and it just made me feel so lucky with how incredibly sweet and kind he is. He’s going to be such an amazing big brother.

This pregnancy has been so scary and wonderful all at the same time. I have no idea how our life will change with this new little guy but I’m so excited to be there with him and get another amazing little boy to have in our life.

I didn’t know it when we took that picture, but it was the last bump pic we would get! I started having contractions that night and Wells joined us the next morning.

Father’s Day

We love our dad! We had a great day celebrating him, hanging out with my family on Saturday and celebrating him and my sweet dad with steaks, then breakfast in bed Sunday, and Randy’s family dinner on Sunday!

I’m so lucky to have had an amazing dad who is so supportive, fun, and was always there to help me with anything I needed.

And Randy is the most incredible father. Every kid deserves a dad like him.

Maternity Leave

Maternity leave has officially started and I am 39 weeks pregnant! Wrapping up work was a little crazy but I’m feeling good about it and think we should have plenty of time for relaxing and not stressing for a while!

We baked cookies and Graham was SO cute and helpful. He loves being in the kitchen and it’s so sweet.

We will have a baby here with us in ONE WEEK for sure! Which is just wild to think about. I love when we buy milk or something from the grocery store and the expiration date is past when the baby will be here. It just makes me smile!

Graham loves playing outside while I listen out the window. He loves playing with the neighborhood kids and running around like crazy. He still loves our little preschool activities and is doing fantastic learning his letters, numbers, shapes, etc.

He’s the sweetest boy and I can’t wait to see him as a big brother!

I’m hanging in there, feeling pretty good and loving soaking in this time with our family before everything changes for the better!

Summer Fun

The summer is here and it is HOT. I’ve been trying to soak in all the time with Graham that I can before baby brother is here! We have been going to Cherry Hill a lot and Graham is such a champ in the water! He’s come so far from last year and I’m so proud. He’s still a toddler haha and sometimes we have big feelings, but he’s doing great.

I’m HOT and sometimes being 9 months pregnant and in the heat is no fun. But I honestly really like being pregnant so I don’t feel like I can complain! We’ve been doing preschool at home which is always so fun, we read books and play outside, some of the neighbors have been coming to play outside with Graham which is fun, and really we’re just enjoying life slowly getting back to normal as we also get ready for a huge change! Can’t wait for a fun time ahead!

Starting Summer

With cousins in town we have kicked off summer with a bang! Cherry Hill day with all the cousins, Top Golf with the whole family, lots of time at Grandma’s house running around outside, a birthday party for Thomas, lots of dinners and lunches and dessert. It’s been so fun and Graham is in HEAVEN.

I’ve been trying to get some time in with me and G before the baby comes. We snuck off for a Cherry Hill night which was so fun. He’s SO brave in the water compared to last year and it makes my mom heart so proud! We do his little preschool every day and he and I just love it. We get to do little crafts together and it’s a blast. We go outside to play or spray his little squirt bottle. And every night he wants me to lay by him and tell him the story of when he was born and talk about “The great day” and all the things we did. He’s growing up so fast but he’s also just my little baby still. He tells me that we’re best friends and that he loves me multiple times a day which just melts my heart.

6 Years + Babymoon

We went back to the Little America where we went on our honeymoon to celebrate 6 years of marriage. It feels like we really got married yesterday and somehow 6 whole years have flown by. Every year gets better and I’m just so happy to have my best friend by my side for life. I love that we have grow into new people and figured out how to grow up and change together. I really can’t express how lucky I feel to have someone like Randy to do life with. The best husband, dad, and friend I could ever ask for.

The Little America was SO fun and we ate lunch, dinner, and breakfast at the hotel! We are suckers for breakfast in bed so that was a really fun and special treat. We went shopping at City Creek and walked through busker fest (lots of Braxton Hicks for me after sprinting to make a traffic light lollllll) and it was so fun to just be out the two of us. Like we were 21 again. Graham had a blast at Grandma’s house with his cousins and I don’t think he even missed us!

It was perfect to have a little babymoon and a practice run for Graham staying at Grandma’s when baby brother gets here!