6 Years + Babymoon

We went back to the Little America where we went on our honeymoon to celebrate 6 years of marriage. It feels like we really got married yesterday and somehow 6 whole years have flown by. Every year gets better and I’m just so happy to have my best friend by my side for life. I love that we have grow into new people and figured out how to grow up and change together. I really can’t express how lucky I feel to have someone like Randy to do life with. The best husband, dad, and friend I could ever ask for.

The Little America was SO fun and we ate lunch, dinner, and breakfast at the hotel! We are suckers for breakfast in bed so that was a really fun and special treat. We went shopping at City Creek and walked through busker fest (lots of Braxton Hicks for me after sprinting to make a traffic light lollllll) and it was so fun to just be out the two of us. Like we were 21 again. Graham had a blast at Grandma’s house with his cousins and I don’t think he even missed us!

It was perfect to have a little babymoon and a practice run for Graham staying at Grandma’s when baby brother gets here!

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