Starting Summer

With cousins in town we have kicked off summer with a bang! Cherry Hill day with all the cousins, Top Golf with the whole family, lots of time at Grandma’s house running around outside, a birthday party for Thomas, lots of dinners and lunches and dessert. It’s been so fun and Graham is in HEAVEN.

I’ve been trying to get some time in with me and G before the baby comes. We snuck off for a Cherry Hill night which was so fun. He’s SO brave in the water compared to last year and it makes my mom heart so proud! We do his little preschool every day and he and I just love it. We get to do little crafts together and it’s a blast. We go outside to play or spray his little squirt bottle. And every night he wants me to lay by him and tell him the story of when he was born and talk about “The great day” and all the things we did. He’s growing up so fast but he’s also just my little baby still. He tells me that we’re best friends and that he loves me multiple times a day which just melts my heart.

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