Summer Fun

The summer is here and it is HOT. I’ve been trying to soak in all the time with Graham that I can before baby brother is here! We have been going to Cherry Hill a lot and Graham is such a champ in the water! He’s come so far from last year and I’m so proud. He’s still a toddler haha and sometimes we have big feelings, but he’s doing great.

I’m HOT and sometimes being 9 months pregnant and in the heat is no fun. But I honestly really like being pregnant so I don’t feel like I can complain! We’ve been doing preschool at home which is always so fun, we read books and play outside, some of the neighbors have been coming to play outside with Graham which is fun, and really we’re just enjoying life slowly getting back to normal as we also get ready for a huge change! Can’t wait for a fun time ahead!

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