Maternity Leave

Maternity leave has officially started and I am 39 weeks pregnant! Wrapping up work was a little crazy but I’m feeling good about it and think we should have plenty of time for relaxing and not stressing for a while!

We baked cookies and Graham was SO cute and helpful. He loves being in the kitchen and it’s so sweet.

We will have a baby here with us in ONE WEEK for sure! Which is just wild to think about. I love when we buy milk or something from the grocery store and the expiration date is past when the baby will be here. It just makes me smile!

Graham loves playing outside while I listen out the window. He loves playing with the neighborhood kids and running around like crazy. He still loves our little preschool activities and is doing fantastic learning his letters, numbers, shapes, etc.

He’s the sweetest boy and I can’t wait to see him as a big brother!

I’m hanging in there, feeling pretty good and loving soaking in this time with our family before everything changes for the better!

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