Here’s lookin’ at you

So here’s what our life is looking like now.

These beauties are courtesy of Olivia:)

This beauty is courtesy of Heidi and partly Ethan for helping us figure out the whole nail thing

And here’s to Heidi and her mom. ARE THEY NOT SO CRAFTY!?!?!
So I went on a great date yesterday! Mini-golfing with a twist (the twist was we had to do random crazy things on our first shot. Like hitting it with our eyes closed or between the legs), then dinner with a twist (I ordered for him, he ordered for me), then cheesecake, no twist. You can’t put a twist on cheesecake. 
Anyway I’m off to school. To learn and stuff. Then it’s home sweet home alllllll weekend long:) Hope you all have a fantastic weekend planned!
Happy Friday everyone!

Country fried chicken

I’ve had a few requests to see my new purse….

So here it is! I’m in love with it. It’s black and brown which I normally HATE, but this mix on an accessory works. It can go with my black OR brown outfits. It’s super professional looking which is AWESOME and exactly what I want. AH it’s just great. Judge me for getting so excited about a purse. BUT REALLY IT’S A PURSE.

Also. Look at the dinner I cooked:) Fried chicken, mashed red potatoes, carrots, and creamy chicken gravy. Sometimes I can be domestic:) Shout out to my mama for teaching me everything:) Also sorry for the blurriness of my picture. It was just sitting there and I was STARVING so I snapped a picture and ATE:)

I’m so busy folks. Between Student Alumni and my calling and being social and work…and oh that school thing. Yeah between all of that I’m swamped. BUT I will blog as often as I can:) It’s therapy for me, really:)

So life is busy, but grand. School is hard but I think I’m doing ok…so far hahaha. AND for any of you BYU folks who want to be involved, joining Student Alumni is the way to go! It’s not too hard, not too many hours, but you get to meet some awesome people and give back to BYU! I’m in charge of the Food Drive and I know you’re DYING to be on my committee. But really. Email me and we’ll get it all figured out:) You’ll love it, I promise!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Weekend tales

This weekend was fantastic. I don’t have enough picture evidence of what I did, because I forget all the time. But nevertheless…it was fantastic. Jonas came to visit and it’s always a treat to get to see him and hang out.

It started with buying a new purse. I could end right there and the weekend is fantastic, right. BUT there’s more. Then it was off for my FAVORITE food, Thai from Bangkok Grill. If you live in Provo/Orem. GO THERE. Then we went to the Evidance concert by BYU. It was….OUT OF THIS WORLD. I loved it so much. The dancers were SUPER talented and the whole idea of the show was incredible. Then it was cookies and Netflix.

Saturday was breakfast and a Relief Society activity (which was super fun, PS). Then it was shopping and making brownies and getting ice cream and then…..


Had a lovely time with these lovelies and some awesome guys in our ward. We lost (don’t ask me about it. I will be angry), but it was a super fun time anyway!
All in all, it was a good weekend. Now on to a suuuuuuper busy week and then I get to kick back and relax with my family all weekend long! Sooo excited:)
Happy Sunday everyone:)

I have been busy…

I have been super busy lately and this poor blog has been neglected for a few days. BUT it’s all good reasons, I promise!

I have been busy writing essays. Who knew a communications major/art history minor would require essays. (Don’t worry. That sentence was dripping with sarcasm.) It’s just a little more than I anticipated. But I love writing so it’s fine. Also my mom edits my papers and that makes them about 10000000000000% better. So thanks mom:)

I have also been busy planning Relief Society activities, yeah the first one is called Temple Run with the whole jungle/Temple Run theme. Best part? Otter pops at the end. Whatever it’s genius.

I have also been busy joining Student Alumni and becoming a Communication Director. Yeah. It was a whirlwind and I’m not sure what I’m doing. But the food drive that I’m in charge of will be great. I think? (Fingers crossed!) Get involved at college. It’s more fun than sitting at home and watching Netflix!

I have also been busy being crafty (it’s mostly Heidi who is crafty. But really, she’s amazing) and making things like this:

Burlap, leopard print, and pink. It’s perfect
I have also been busy having too much fun. Exhibit A? Dressing up like pirates (yes I have a peg leg. Made out of tinfoil…) going to Krispy Kreme to get donuts, deciding the line is too long, and then going to get In N’ Out shakes instead.
Yay for pirates and wardie friends!
So that’s what’s been going on in my neck of the woods. Life is good! It is oh, so good.
Happy Thursday everyone!

We clean all the things

This weekend was full of parties and ward activities and Rachel’s cute little brother and crepes and The Great Gatsby and cracks in the ceiling and church and sleep. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Yeah, we’re going to rock as moms one day. I can already tell.
I’m off to write essays and read things and learn. 
We bought a rug and some cute decorations for our apartment. It’s home here now. Thankfully Heidi and Lindsey are just into having a clean house as I am. So we clean all the things and life is good. 
Happy Monday everyone!

The lucky Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th was probably the least unlucky day of the week!

It started with this….

Lindsey’s boyfriend Ethan just showed up with two boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts for us. YEAH HE’S DELIGHTFUL.
The day was filled with school, homework, shopping, making new friends, crepes, and dance parties. It was fantastic. So take that Friday the 13th!! You were a very lucky day.
Happy Saturday everyone!


Remember over the summer when I posted that I like being alone. I’m back at college, and I still like being alone. I’ve come to prefer it actually. Which is super duper weird for me. So one of my classes is called Visual Literacy. It’s all about how what we see influences our behavior and our creativity. So one of the assignments was literally to wander around. And then we had to document our experience. Here’s my wanderings that I posted on our class blog. I’m not sure what happened, but I like being alone.

I decided to do the assignment about wandering. I packed a bag and set off, planning on taking a quick whiz around the block and being done. After about two blocks, I was wondering if I was doing the assignment right. I decided not to pull my phone out or bring a camera and ruin the wander. It slowly became fantastic. I walked to places I had never seen before. I found a house that I’m pretty sure is a murder house, as well as some houses that I would have moved into on the spot. I followed a couple (against my instincts) until I’m pretty sure they were going to call the cops. I went and swung on a swing in the front yard of a house even though every bone in my body begged me not to. I stood out front of a house and watched TV with the girl through the window. I stayed until a tattooed man (who I’m fairly certain will end up being my husband) gave me the dirtiest look I’ve ever gotten. I figured out how to distinguish between a married couple’s house (neatly trimmed lawn and twine/flower wreath) and single people’s houses (lawn long enough for me to braid and a sofa on the front porch.) I eventually got so lost, I had to pray to the phone gods to get me home. When I got home, I looked at the time. I’d been gone for over an  hour and a half. And it was fantastic. 

College is hard.

Guys. College is hard. Let’s make a list of why college is hard.

-You have to go to school. A lot. And they put up power points and make you take notes, or ask you hard questions and explain things in scary new ways.
-You always have homework
-You need to clean the kitchen seriously all the time. It’s never clean
-Ditto with the living room.
-You live with a bunch of people, and figuring out the dynamic is difficult.
-You meet new people all the time, and have to explain yourself. Which means you kinda have to know who you are.
-Your family is not there. And they’re the greatest.
-You have to buy things. With all the money you don’t have.
-You have to make your own food, and do your own laundry. No bueno.
-You have to walk up a million and five stairs to get to campus (if you’re me anyway).

But there’s also good things. Like getting flowers, good friends who write you adorable birthday notes and make you birthday treats, that nice kid that bought you a Jamba Juice shirt, having to talk a walk as an assignment, and getting to talk about things that matter. So I guess I’ll stay.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

And happy 8 months down:)

20 years young

Today was my birthday. It’s super selfish, but I love my birthday. There’s something great about looking back on your life, and looking ahead at the good things to come. It’s fun to have a day that’s about you. It’s weird to be away from your family on your birthday, but I have an amazing family, great friends, and wonderful roommates (who are also my friends, don’t be offended) who made the day great. Thanks to everyone who made me feel special today, and for making me feel special everyday:)

My creativity project where I made a stone for each year of my life. I had some alone time and it was great to just be with me today.

Super cute socks from Japan:)

Jonas came for the weekend and we had super good Italian food on Friday.

He also made me french toast and took me to an art museum. It was great:)

Pouring rain with this girl as a part of birthday weekend!

And we won. Because it was my birthday weekend.

Do I look 20??
My family is too cute:)

My roomies are great:)

This awesome package all the way from Japan was great today:)
Happy Sunday everyone! And happy birthday to me:)

Hellos and Goodbyes

Two first days of school down! Here’s your cliche first day pic….fun right? And my apartment is clean! Which is great:) The first day(s) of school were great! I really like all of my classes, especially the ones that have to do with my major and minor. Call me weird but I love school. It’s stressful, but the things I’m studying are just fascinating and I’ve missed that. Also my teachers all seem fantastic (one of them LOVES the word fantastic. She’s fantastic:)) and I think it’s going to be a good semester. Stressful? Yes. But good? Yes.

I also had to say goodbye to this beautiful girl today. Allison Yost is one of the most Christ-like people that I know. She’s going to be an amazing missionary to the people of Milan, Italy. I couldn’t be more proud of her, or more lucky to call her my friend. Goodbyes are hard, especially with people that you love. But I know that she and, all of us really, will be friends forever. And that’s something to be happy about. I love you Sister Yost! See you in 18 very short months. I can’t wait:) 

Happy Wednesday everyone, happy second first day of school to me, and happy life, really. It is a happy life, isn’t it?