The one where I chime in about leggings

I didn’t even want to honor this topic with a post, but as I was listening to conference talks this morning, this one came on. I couldn’t not share.

Lord, Is It I?

Here’s to being a little less judgmental and a little more understanding, kind, and loving.

There are so many bigger problems than leggings. Like members feeling left out, looked down on, and inadequate.

I have opinions about modesty. But to me, modesty is about the way you live your life. And living a modest life includes respecting yourself and those around you, but most importantly, loving your Heavenly Father.

You shouldn’t choose your clothes based on who might be looking at you, but based on your desire to prove to God, every single day, that you love him and you’ll do what he asks you to do.

That also means you shouldn’t tell other people what to wear because you know best. Everyone has a very personal relationship with God. Let them talk to him about what to wear.

Instead, we should all focus on ourselves, and on showing others that God loves them.

When others feel the love of God, they’re more likely to listen to his guidance and counsel, right?

So let’s be done with the posts that are pulling people down, let’s be done arguing over what not to wear.

What They Won’t Tell You About Having Them Come Home

Ok dear friends, it’s time for this post.

Before I say anything else, let me start with this.

Randy and I are very much in love. Things are delightful, we love spending time together and having him home is the best thing in the world.

But having him home was also incredibly hard.

That sounds super ridiculous, right? I mean, we just spent 2 years apart, we should be OVERJOYED to be together again. And we were. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

We spent 2 years making new friends, meeting new people, living in two different countries, figuring out how to communicate with email and letters, growing up, making goals, having happy and sad experiences. And we got really good at doing all that. There were days when I actually LIKED having a missionary. It was never easy, but it got comfortable. Routine.

Then he came home.

We had to figure out how to communicate instantly, with words and tones and body language. Talk about weird.

I had to try and introduce him to new friends that knew a different part of me, and he had to introduce me to mission companions that meant the world to him.

I had to try to explain twerking (RIGHT?!?!?!) and why everyone is obsessed with Frozen.

He had to try to explain companionship inventory and couldn’t remember words in English.

So here are a few things that I wish I had known about having a missionary come home:

1. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. They’ll feel overwhelmed, you’re going to be overwhelmed. Just enjoy what you can when you can. The overwhelmed parts will fade away soon enough.
2. It’s ok to fight. I think Randy and I were both so nervous about fighting that it only made tension worse. Couples fight! It’s ok!
3. It’s ok to not want to be together constantly. Randy and I loved being together, but for some people a little space is crucial! Don’t feel bad!
4. It’s ok to want to be lame. I felt dumb for wanting to stay in and cook dinner together instead of rushing out to parties and movies and dances. But honestly, it’s ok to sit down and chat for hours. I promise!
5. It’s ok to be different. I was so worried we weren’t adjusting the same way my friends, and their cousins, and their sisters best friends brother in law had adjusted. It’s ok to be different from everyone you see blogging and on Facebook!
6. It’s ok if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted. This is hard for so many people. For Randy and I, we’re dating and it’s been working out just fine. For other people, it doesn’t work or takes longer to get figured out. Sometimes things change and plans change, and all of that is ok.
7. It’s ok to communicate. There were some things that were bothering me and I didn’t want to bring them up, I didn’t want to offend Randy. In the long run, it’s better to have a conversation than a fight later.
8. It’s ok if it’s not ok. There are days when just straight up, having a brand new missionary in your life is hard. And it’s hard for you to be in their life too. Just trust me when I say that the bad days pass and better days are ahead! There are still perfect moments in misunderstood days, and it’ll all work out how it should.
9. It’s ok. In the end. It will be fine. That much is absolutely certain! 

So maybe that’s a downer, but I want it to be a glimpse at reality. Too many girls post that everything is 100% perfect right when their missionary gets home, which might be the case for them. For me, it was a little bit of an adjustment, one that I’m so happy we made and got through. But still.

Come what may and love it, right?

Happy Saturday everyone!

Here’s to making time and space

Here’s to three years and five months of celebrating the 13th as a special day. And the best way to celebrate? With Chili’s Molton Chocolate Cake of course. Plus chips and salsa. 

Thanks to all the well-wishers I’ve had for the past few days. I’m doing just great! And a special shout out to my family and the best boyfriend ever for making me feel so loved.
So here’s the thing. Life is so crazy busy. It’s driving me insane how busy it is. So I need to do some reorganizing of my time, and make some room for this great little blog.
Anyways, happy Saturday everyone! 

Black and White Photos

Again, another sappy post. Sorry…
Sometimes I’ll look over while we’re eating dinner or while we’re driving, and this feeling comes over me. I’m so lucky. This guy is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and every second with him is a dream come true. Things have been stressful for both of us lately, but somehow he still manages to make me smile every day. Thanks for being the best boyfriend in the world Randy Low.

Also, today was my first time anchoring for BYU Eleven News! So much fun, and such an exciting thing to be a part of. You can check it out Monday through Friday at 12:00 on channel 11, or online! It’s going to be a really fun semester, and I’m so happy to be working with the amazingly talented people that are part of the Eleven News crew! 
Anyway, coming up soon on the blog we’re going to have “What Happens When They Come Home” and others. Should be good!
Happy Monday everyone!

On Remember To Breathe

 January is proving to be one of those months. 
You know what I mean, right?
One of those months where the time ticks by slowly, but you look back and aren’t sure where the days went. And you look ahead and see so many things coming, and you’re not quite sure how to prep yourself. 
Don’t get me wrong, January has been loads of fun. There’s just so much coming with graduation and having to be a real-life adult. 
And then I bumped into this tonight. What a perfect reminder. 
So here’s to enjoying the bumps and unexpected turns, to embracing all the crazy months ahead, and walking fearlessly into the unknown. 
Happy Saturday dear friends.

2015 so far…

Hello, where have I been? If the past week is any indication of what the rest of of 2015 will be like, I have a crazy year ahead!

Too busy to take pictures or update the blog, so here’s what I have for ya today!

A look at 2015 reallll quick.

A glimpse at my perfect New Year’s Eve that included dinner at the Low’s, hanging out with my fam, Fresh Market Chocolate Chip Cookies, Wendy’s chicken nuggets, and falling asleep during a movie so Randy had to wake me up for midnight. Pretty great if you ask me!

The last first day of school. I’m not sure how it crept up on me like this, but I am so excited for what this semester has in store! I’m taking some final classes for my major, a religion class, and my last class for my minor! It’s insane!

So far 2015 has seen me doing lots of reading and Netflix watching, but also lots of scripture study, homework, cooking, time with Randy and other people that I care about, all in all it’s been a great year so far! Can’t wait to see what else is ahead!