2015 so far…

Hello, where have I been? If the past week is any indication of what the rest of of 2015 will be like, I have a crazy year ahead!

Too busy to take pictures or update the blog, so here’s what I have for ya today!

A look at 2015 reallll quick.

A glimpse at my perfect New Year’s Eve that included dinner at the Low’s, hanging out with my fam, Fresh Market Chocolate Chip Cookies, Wendy’s chicken nuggets, and falling asleep during a movie so Randy had to wake me up for midnight. Pretty great if you ask me!

The last first day of school. I’m not sure how it crept up on me like this, but I am so excited for what this semester has in store! I’m taking some final classes for my major, a religion class, and my last class for my minor! It’s insane!

So far 2015 has seen me doing lots of reading and Netflix watching, but also lots of scripture study, homework, cooking, time with Randy and other people that I care about, all in all it’s been a great year so far! Can’t wait to see what else is ahead!

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