Randy’s Birthday

Even though we are in busy season we had a great time celebrating Randy! I made him a quiche for breakfast and his favorite chocolate cookies to eat throughout the day. He loved his Apple Watch, Donovan Mitchell hoodie, books, and new shoes. He had to work all day long so Graham and I ran to In N Out to get him lunch, and then we sang him a quick happy birthday between meetings! He got Crumbl cookies from friends and from work, so many kind texts and messages, and then his parents stopped by with a cake! We got a charcuterie board for dinner to have with shrimp cocktail—his absolute favorite things. It was a MUCH better busy season birthday than the last one and it was just a great day to get to celebrate him!

Graham and I went sledding while it was snowing like crazy and Graham is totally my child! He didn’t love being cold but he was a good sport and went down the hill a few times before wanting to throw snowballs and eat the snow. I was really proud of him for being brave!

Valentine’s Day

We had a great Valentine’s Day! On Saturday we had Chinese food at my mom’s house and watched the Rodger’s and Hammerstein Cinderella! It was awesome to get to show Graham such a wonderful movie that I loved when I was a kid!

On Sunday we had a yummy breakfast, Graham got some puzzles, Randy got a shirt and I got some running shoes—it was such a fun and relaxed day! I made a delicious pasta and chocolate souffle and it was just a really great and relaxed day. We bought little tattoos and Graham, after much convincing, LOVED them. I love celebrating LOVE and it was a wonderful day.

Backing Out

House hunting is no joke right now. It’s a seller’s market and prices are SKYROCKETING and it’s been a wild ride for us. We were under contract on a house and after the inspection we didn’t feel good about it, so we backed out. It was disappointing but we also knew it was the right thing. It’s so hard right now to know what to do, there are so many people putting in offers on a limited number of houses and it’s a ride. And as first-time buyers, it’s been nuts for us. But we know the right thing is going to come and if there’s one thing I’m learning it’s just that letting go of the things I can’t control helps the right things fall into place.

Randy is busy busy BUSY with busy season but it’s still a dream to have him here at the house. He will pop out and have lunch or dinner with us and sit by me in the evenings and it’s really nice.

The other day for pre-school we had a tea party while learning “I’m a little teapot” and Randy came out and had a cookie and some tea for a few minutes and it was just lovely. It made me remember that these little moments are what matter and I’m SO grateful we’re getting to have more of them as a little family thanks to COVID.

Graham is quickly learning all the letters and their sounds, can count really well, knows the colors and shapes, and I’m just so proud of all the things he knows and does. He can recreate music videos or scenes from movies and is obsessed with jamming in the kitchen or the car. He finds dinosaurs in our ears as part of the doctor checkups, and runs away from neighborhood kids if they try to say hi. We’re working on the social aspect hahaha. Life is just beautiful and I’m so happy!


I can’t believe we are HALFWAY to meeting baby boy! I honestly am shocked! The time is FLYING by and it’s so wild that the halfway point is already here.

Some things about this pregnancy:

Not craving anything in particular.

Sense of smell is STRONG and random things smell off or weird, including Zao when Randy ordered it for lunch haha.

Random things make me gag still.

SUPER EMOTIONS gosh it’s been a wild one. We’ve been looking at houses and the process has been a ROLLER COASTER for my emotions.

I’m still doing HIIT workouts 3 times a week and running every day. I’m running slowwww and sometimes not as far which has been hard for me to adjust to.

Feel baby boy move alll the time, usually at night when I lay down. It’s so awesome to feel him.

Gained 8 pounds so far.

I MELTED A METAL PAN the other day. It was wild. I accidentally left the stove on (pregnancy brain) while I ran to the store. When I got back the bottom of the pan was RED so I moved it and the whole bottom MELTED OFF onto the stove. It still works but the plastic case looks awful which makes me feel so bad.

I also burned my arm, spilled milk on the floor, dropped salmon—it hasn’t been a banner week for me cooking-wise hahaha.

On the plus side, we went and got purple yam or ube ice cream and it was SO GOOD. Reminded me so much of Japan which made me so happy.

Graham is growing up so fast and it’s crazy. He is loving preschool, recognizes all the letters and sounds, loves doing nursery rhymes and making up songs, finds the most random toys that he is obsessed with which makes us laugh, and life is great!

Randy had the WEIRDEST bruise on his back and we had no idea what it was. And then it went away. VERY strange. but hopefully he’s ok now!

Things are a bit stressful as we are trying to figure out housing. There’s been lots of tears from me as I try to navigate what to do, and with Randy so busy it’s been extra crazy. But we will figure it out and stay here where we love, or find another place we love, and it’ll be great!