Randy’s Birthday

Even though we are in busy season we had a great time celebrating Randy! I made him a quiche for breakfast and his favorite chocolate cookies to eat throughout the day. He loved his Apple Watch, Donovan Mitchell hoodie, books, and new shoes. He had to work all day long so Graham and I ran to In N Out to get him lunch, and then we sang him a quick happy birthday between meetings! He got Crumbl cookies from friends and from work, so many kind texts and messages, and then his parents stopped by with a cake! We got a charcuterie board for dinner to have with shrimp cocktail—his absolute favorite things. It was a MUCH better busy season birthday than the last one and it was just a great day to get to celebrate him!

Graham and I went sledding while it was snowing like crazy and Graham is totally my child! He didn’t love being cold but he was a good sport and went down the hill a few times before wanting to throw snowballs and eat the snow. I was really proud of him for being brave!

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