Backing Out

House hunting is no joke right now. It’s a seller’s market and prices are SKYROCKETING and it’s been a wild ride for us. We were under contract on a house and after the inspection we didn’t feel good about it, so we backed out. It was disappointing but we also knew it was the right thing. It’s so hard right now to know what to do, there are so many people putting in offers on a limited number of houses and it’s a ride. And as first-time buyers, it’s been nuts for us. But we know the right thing is going to come and if there’s one thing I’m learning it’s just that letting go of the things I can’t control helps the right things fall into place.

Randy is busy busy BUSY with busy season but it’s still a dream to have him here at the house. He will pop out and have lunch or dinner with us and sit by me in the evenings and it’s really nice.

The other day for pre-school we had a tea party while learning “I’m a little teapot” and Randy came out and had a cookie and some tea for a few minutes and it was just lovely. It made me remember that these little moments are what matter and I’m SO grateful we’re getting to have more of them as a little family thanks to COVID.

Graham is quickly learning all the letters and their sounds, can count really well, knows the colors and shapes, and I’m just so proud of all the things he knows and does. He can recreate music videos or scenes from movies and is obsessed with jamming in the kitchen or the car. He finds dinosaurs in our ears as part of the doctor checkups, and runs away from neighborhood kids if they try to say hi. We’re working on the social aspect hahaha. Life is just beautiful and I’m so happy!

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