Moving Day and Empty House Tour

We MOVED. I can’t believe it! Our new house is beautiful and we are obsessed with it. We are SO sad to leave our apartment. We have loved it more than anything. Our landlords were amazing, and we will miss them as our friends. Graham loves Brooklyn and Hudson and his little neighbor friends more than anything. We will miss all of it so much.

Moving day was wild, Grandma Ann watched the boys and we had SO much help. I’m SO SO glad we hired movers. Both of our parents and Liv and Beth were SO helpful all day long and we owe them everything for helping us get our house all settled and ready.

That night we had a mIsHaP and drilled a hole in our powder room water line! It was not great and we got the water shut off fast, but we were freaking out. Luckily my dad came to the rescue and helped us replace the pipe and Randy has put drywall and mud over the hole! So BAPTISM BY FIRE we are officially homeowners with a hole in our house haha and figuring it out!

Our builder Woodside Homes, our realtor Natalie, our lender, everyone was just incredible.

Our house is a dream come true and everything we could have asked for.

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