4th of July

We had an incredible 4th of July with our family! Randy woke up early to go run and took 2nd in his age division, 13th overall. He SMASHED his personal best and I was so proud of how great he did! We met over at the parade and Graham had a BLAST there. He loved getting candy and listening to the music and seeing the floats. Wells was so good and sat in his stroller and in our lap despite the crazy heat.

We had a delicious lunch of burgers and then went over to Aunt Jills. Graham LOVED playing with all the toys and everyone got to meet Wells which was so insanely fun. It was then popcorn and M&M time back at the fireworks which is always a favorite. Graham was OBSESSED with the fireworks and not scared at all. Wells did SO great the whole day and has been a champ running around doing all the activities we have in store for him.

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