Randy and I decided to redo our room (just slightly – nothing major) before the baby came!

It was really fun to get some new things and really feel clean and fresh for spring, the new baby, etc.

Check out the full process on our YouTube channel:



I am in love with the all white look and think it will be fun to add a pop of color, and change it up whenever I want. Everything goes with white! We had dark blue and cream before, which was great. Unfortunately in our apartment the walls are cream, and our bedspread totally blended right into the walls which I didn’t love! It’s also darker being in a basement, so I wanted to lighten it up as much as possible. The all white is awesome and I am planning on adding some accents here and there to break up the white. White is just clean and fresh and I love it! All of the pieces are also SUPER easy to wash and bleach which I’m really happy about.

Yarn hanging | Sheets | Pillows | Duvet | Rug | Throw blankets are ones I bought from Target before

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