36 Week Bumpdate

Symptoms: I started to get swollen feet for the first time! It was SO stressful and I’m not a fan. There are some shoes that are sometimes hard to put on and it’s freaking me out! 
Sleep: Needing to pee all the time means that sleeping is ROUGH. But I’m still doing pretty good!
Baby is: We went to the doctor this week and little man has HAIR and weighs almost 6 lbs (42nd percentile for 36 weeks, which is awesome.) He’s doing SO good, moves all the time, has hiccups ALL the time which I love, and is just awesome.
Gender: BABY BOY!
Dad is: Killing it with finals and making time to make sure I feel loved. I want him to scratch my back ALL the time and he’s so obliging. 
Mom is craving: Ice chips allllllll the time, and weirdly with the gestational diabetes my sugar cravings are going away. It’s really interesting. I am loving almonds and cashews, peanut butter balls, and strawberries.
Funny things this week: We went to the tulip festival and had the BEST time. It was a little tiring to walk around all day, but it was awesome. The flowers were beautiful, we had a great time with family, delicious meals, and it was overall an awesome day. I had the BEST maternity shoot with my favorite photographer Amber and she captured some of my favorite photos of us. I also threw my friend Mallory a bridal shower at The Chocolate in Provo, which was a BLAST. It’s been a busy week but a great one! 

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