Jurassic Quest

We went on a fun activity day to see Jurassic Quest! We drove through these GIANT dinosaurs in our car and they moved, we listened to fun facts about them, and it was a really fun activity! Graham kept ROARING at them and we were amazed that they had fur on them–which is apparently a thing! We ate lunch at Cafe Rio which was wild because we haven’t eaten in a restaurant for a LONG time. Dad is finally done with busy season and hasn’t had to work on the weekends in two weeks which is so much fun! We also took family photos on Sunday morning before going to church, and we’re so excited to see how they turn out! It was fun to go to Memory Grove and Graham wanted to Spider-Man crawl up the trees. He’s VERY into Into the Spider-verse and wants to ask everyone who their favorite Spider-Man is.

Graham also got a BIG KID BED! It’s wild he’s big enough to have a bed and he’s been doing SO great transitioning. He got out of it a couple times but honestly has been so great at the transition.

We’re getting closer and closer to Baby Low which is WILD.

AND Graham had the stomach flu this week. He woke up at 2 AM to throw up all over his new big kid bed. We did lots of laundry, didn’t sleep much, and watched lots of movies the next day. Graham was SO SWEET and told us he loved us a million times and had such a great attitude the whole time. I was such a proud mom!

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