Where does the time go?


Where have I been? I feel like I blogged yesterday – turns out I didn’t. I always used to get so annoyed when my fav bloggers stopped posting once they got engaged. Now I know why. Not enough time, not enough motivation!

So here’s the catch up.

Unfortunately, I also forget to take pictures now. Not that I was good at it before. But still.

I got SO lucky last weekend and got to go to the Imagine Dragons concert for work. #ilovemyjob

It was incredible and absolutely everything I’d dreamed of. Plus being smashed in there with 300 other people instead of 3,000 other people was amazing. It smashed me right up to the front for a great seat. Er. Place to stand.

Also this. Because I miss her so much. #waitforshort
Also a little story. 
The other day Randy and I went to go get him a wedding suit, his tie, a new shirt, etc.
He walked out of that dressing room, all spiffed up, and I started bawling.
I didn’t cry when I found my wedding dress.
I didn’t even cry when we got engaged.
But him walking out of that dressing room made me lose it.
I think it finally hit me.
I get to marry Randy Low. 
How lucky am I?
Happy Birthday Dad!!!
My dad is 50!!! What in the world. I feel like my dad’s about 25. 
Thanks for never missing a dance recital, always tucking me in, telling me Sandy Cat stories, letting me call him a million times with computer programming questions, teaching me math and helping with every single science project, and being an amazing Christ-like example in my life. I don’t know what I would do without you dad. I love you!
And happy Sunday everyone:) 

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