We are having a baby!!! We are SO thrilled to be welcoming a new baby to our family in June!

I did a HORRIBLE job of filming how we found out and telling everyone. Second baby syndrome I guess!

But basically here’s the story:

I was wondering if I was pregnant but thought it would be too early to tell. I was making Graham lunch and started to feel SO sick. A wave of nausea. It was EXACTLY the same feeling I had when I was pregnant with Graham if I didn’t eat enough food. I just knew in my heart I was pregnant, but I didn’t have any tests in the house!

After Graham’s nap I got him in the car and just told Randy I had to go buy some candy from Target! I bought a test and brought it home. I bought a 3-pack and thought I should wait because it was still SO early and it probably wouldn’t show. But then I reasoned that I had a 3-pack and could take another one in a couple of days.

I took the test and after just a few seconds the digital test flashed PREGNANT. I was SHOCKED I couldn’t even think. Before I even knew what I was doing I walked into the other room and said RANDY OH MY GOSH LOOK. I was going to come up with a clever way to tell him but I couldn’t believe it was showing so early! I couldn’t even think!

We told Graham he was going to be a brother and it was so fun.

My brother and his wife were driving down from California to surprise my family and we thought it would be so fun to surprise my whole family together. SO my brother and his family knocked on the door and everyone was so surprised, and then I had Graham walk out of the bathroom with a BIG BRO shirt! Everyone was SO surprised and I started crying and was so overwhelmed I didn’t even film it! It was SO fun and wonderful to surprise everyone all together.

And then of course we went to tell Randy’s family. We were waiting for Sam’s almost fiancĂ© to arrive and Graham had his big brother shirt under his sweatshirt. He went upstairs with Grandma to get some toys and walked down the stairs and she said “Uhhhh I think Graham told me a secret…” and I said “Graham what did you say!” And he said “I said I’m getting a sister!” We were DYING laughing. We explained we didn’t know if it was a sister but we were having a baby!

I’ve been feeling really good, pretty tired and sick some mornings, but I haven’t thrown up yet which is so awesome. Graham is CONVINCED it’s a sister and won’t really accept the idea that it could be a brother haha so we’ll see how that goes!

We’ve been having so much fun getting ready for this little baby, Graham loves asking where the baby is and loves the stuff we are getting shipped to the house for the baby already. He’s going to be such a good big brother. I’m honestly SO nervous to have another baby but I also know it will be so wonderful!

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