Christmas Mode

We are in CHRISTMAS MODE here at our house. We’ve been doing so many fun activities to get ready for my favorite time of the year. Last week we went to the Farmington Lights with both my family and Randy’s family. Graham was LOOSING HIS MIND he was so excited about seeing so many fun balloons. He loved Woody and Buzz, the Star Wars guys, the Minions, Mr. Potato Head, and the animals that popped in and out of boxes and such. He was just going crazy and didn’t want to leave both times that we went.

We did a fun painting craft making Nutcrackers that Graham loved. He’s kind of obsessed with Nutcrackers and it was really cute to let him make his own. And we also made gingerbread houses which was a BLAST. Graham just wanted to eat the candy and Randy got very into it, sanding it down and using glue, but it was a great time. We’ve been eating yummy food, wrapping presents, and Randy and I even escaped to a little date on a Friday night to take gifts to my friends.

We’ve been doing a Christmas Countdown focused on the idea of “My Own” (Scripture, I come unto MY OWN) and that’s been really fun, full of fun activities. Graham also discovered SNOW this past week and has been WILDLY obsessed. He doesn’t love it on his hands but he loves crunching it and playing as long as it doesn’t get on his hands or face hahaha. He’s the best.

We’re loving this Christmas season and I’m not sure how it’s gone by so fast. And every day we’re getting even closer to a new baby which is wild! We’re just lucky to have such a sweet boy who makes this time of year so amazing and wonderful.

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