We had such a fun weekend! It started off with Randy and I leaving G man for the first time (I may have teared up, it’s fine) to go see Incredibles 2. It was SO good, but it was a hard movie to see after leaving my baby for the first time! The Pixar short at the beginning was all about a little boy growing up which made me want to leave immediately to get my baby boy. And the movie itself is a lot about a mom leaving her kids to go work and how hard that is and so I basically just missed Graham the whole time. But it was fun.

Saturday we spent the day with Kim and the kids, going around Salt Lake and Temple Square. Candace was SO cute and sang Book of Mormon Stories while we were walking around, and then when we saw the Christus she said “Jesus is coming back soon” which melted my heart.
I’m obsessed with Graham and post too many pictures, #sorrynotsorry and I LOVE his little church outfits.
He’s too cute!

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