Winding Down

Friends. So many things are happening so fast! Every day people ask me how I feel about graduating, my new job, planning a wedding, and let me tell you, it’s all crazy!! But so, so good. I wouldn’t trade it for a thing! Here’s a quick catch up, and look for some posts about my BYU/undergrad experience coming up!
First off, last Wednesday was my last day as a BYU Eleven News Anchor. Gosh it was sad. I’ve learned so much, had so many laughs and even a few tears (from laughing too hard). It’s been quite the adventure and I wouldn’t have survived without these great friends here. My program rocks!
Randy and I took a big step…and adopted this lil guy! Meet Sir Gerald Bartelby the Fifth. 
Randy had never gone to Build-A-Bear, so naturally we had to. We take Gerry with us to a lot of place where you probably shouldn’t take a stuffed dog. But it’s cool.
Just a glimpse into the great people I work with. Aren’t they so sweet? I came to work my second week, and they’d made this and put it on my screen. Seriously, they’re awesome.
And lastly. I just finished up my last class for my undergrad at BYU a few hours ago. It’s the craziest feeling. Bittersweet. But I’m excited about the things ahead. Again, look for some posts about college, BYU, etc, coming up.
It’s crazy how fast life is passing by. I feel like college went by in a blink. 
So happy last few weeks of school everyone, happy Monday, and happy no more college classes for me!

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