Weekend Update

This weekend was full of so much fun!

Friday Randy and I went to Kaysville to watch my sister perform in Davis High’s “Night of Shakespeare” she KILLED IT. I seriously was blown away by how spectacular she was! She did a monologue, a scene, and then the entire ensemble performed a scene. It was all incredible, I couldn’t be more proud!

We stayed up watching the BYU game on Friday night, hanging out and chatting. It was a really great game!

Saturday we went to breakfast with my family, watched a session of General Conference with Randy’s family, then went off to take some pictures for a client. I’m not a professional yet by any means, but I think they turned out pretty good! We grabbed lunch with friends, and then went back to watch more conference, make yummy treats, and hang out with my family. Randy then went to watch the Priesthood Session with his family, and I went shopping with my mom and sister, then back to the high school to see Bethany perform again. It was awesome again, who would’ve thunk!

Sunday was very relaxed as we spent time listening to Conference, playing games, eating delicious food, going up to the trail to take even more pictures, and just having a great time.

It was a pretty wonderful weekend, and the messages we heard at Conference were just wonderful – I feel so lucky to be a member of the LDS Church.

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