Windows and lyrics

Roll down the windows darling.
Who cares if they hear?
We’re past all the insecurity of security.
It’s music to our ears.

We’re going way too fast,
Down a road we don’t know.
We pull up and fake the smiles,
Put the face on just for show.

But they don’t know us darling,
Even the ones that think they do,
Know nothing. Really nothing.
About the me of you.

So we’ll stand outsiders,
But laugh into ourselves,
Over the pointless things that they hold near,
But we’ve put on the shelf.

So we’ll walk down the dark asphalt,
The broken street lights flitting,
Dance under the thousand stars,
And never dream of quitting.

Roll down the window darling,
Scream the lyrics into the dark,
Forget the crackling fire that is them
Forget their igniting spark.

So we’re driving away from all of it,
Their belief that they have won.
We’re staying with windows and lyrics,
With the rest of it, we are done.

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