There will soon be a post about prom, so I thought I should make a pre-post about everything that happened before prom!!!

Yesterday we went to State One Acts and it was grand. I had so much fun with the cast of our show and Advanced Theater. We messed around on the bus with a boombox, got in trouble at Walmart, met a talking garbage can at McDonalds, watched some…interesting shows, ate frosted flakes and danced to Beat It, made fun of the other shows in our warm-up, seriously thought about redoing the entire show just because it would be funny, “performed our little hearts out”, got back to Davis and screamed the song while pounding the bus, and got to take my Baby home 🙂 It was a great day!! Then I made cookies and “studied.” Then Hailee came over. I love her. We ended up talking about a lot of things that have been going on lately. Let’s just say, right now we’re on the same page about some things. Some things she’s going through I can’t even relate to, and some things I’m going through she can’t relate to. But we are on the same page. And it’s nice being on the same page.

NOW. PROM IS TODAY!!!!!!!!! AND I’M FREAKING OUT!!!!!! Let’s just set the stage…shall we? I’ve never been to Davis prom with someone I really really like. I’ve gone with two friends and it was a BLAST. But never with someone I felt all romantial about. And it’s my LAST PROM.

SO. To sum up.

Last prom.

With my best friend in the whole world.

Who I happen to kinda sorta maybe be in love with.

Let’s just say.


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