16 Weeks

I’m officially 16 weeks which is crazy! Four months have gone by SO fast and I can’t believe it. I wanted to do a little update about how this pregnancy is going so far!

I haven’t been sick at all—I didn’t throw up ever with Graham and haven’t yet with this baby either! I would wake up in the morning and need to eat and would feel kind of sick, but nothing too bad. I was VERY tired and wanted to back to sleep after working in the morning, and luckily Randy is home so he could make Graham breakfast so I could rest for another hour. I’ve been running and working out throughout this whole pregnancy which has been awesome. It’s helped me feel so much better and I’m so grateful I feel good enough to go! I have started to have to pee SO bad after running like half a mile, so I’ve needed a good belly band to help me be able to run haha. I’ve had some headaches here and there but honestly no symptoms that have been really bad!

I had to do the gestational diabetes test early because I had it with Graham. I failed the 1 hour test and was truly convinced I had it again. I started gearing up to have it again and went in for the three hour test. I was SHOCKED when I got the results back that I didn’t have it! I seriously broke down and just cried. I could have done GD again and I totally would have, 5 months is just a really long time to have that strict of a diet and worry about it, so not having that complication is super exciting.

Graham asks to hug the baby brother constantly which is so cute! Sometimes he jumps around and just shouts about how excited he is for a baby brother and how much he wants him to be here RIGHT NOW. He also likes to pretend his toys are babies which is so fun.

Another proud moment for me—I took Graham to get his haircut and usually he cries and is really upset. He’s very shy and even though we go to the same hairdresser every time, he’s still very nervous and doesn’t want to go. But this time he was SO adventurous and brave and sat in the chair all by himself, talked to the hairdresser, and was awesome. I was so proud!

We are so excited to have our little boy come and hope the rest of the pregnancy keeps going smoothly!

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