Seeing Baby Boy!

We had our halfway ultrasound and got to see our wiggly little guy! He was moving all over, but then refused to move when the tech needed him to so she could get a better angle. Such a stubborn little boy! Everything is measuring perfectly and all looks great, which is such a relief and we are so grateful! Little guy is moving a LOT now and I can feel him all the time, which makes it much more real that we’re actually having a baby!

Graham is SO cute and fun right now! He can recognize most of the letters and know the sounds thanks to The Letter Factory and our little preschool that we do which is so awesome. He loves singing songs, jamming in the car, and lately he’s SO into the drums it’s adorable!

We play lots of Candyland, color, do stickers, and build lots of train tracks which is so fun!

We’re just getting ready for baby brother, trying to stay sane during the crazy age of COVID, and surviving busy season with dad work a lot. OH and we are house hunting which has been CRAZY in the current market. We’ll see what happens!

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