Snow Day

Saturday we got a TON of snow so Graham and I had a snow day! Dad is still busy most Saturday mornings so G and I went to get a sled, went down the hill 1 time and the snow was still falling right into his face so he started SCREAMING. He was saying “IT IS COLD I JUST DO NOT LIKE SNOW” which made me laugh because that is also how I feel hahaha. But then we went back to the house and built a snowman and Graham had wayyyyy more fun with that. He wanted to throw snowballs and shovel the driveway and we were soaking wet by the end of it!

Graham is SO in to music it cracks me up. He loves playing our piano, playing the drums, and even at my mom’s he wants to play on the drums! We signed back up for music class because he loves it. He loves to sing and jam in the car, make up his own songs, and dance in the kitchen. I love how much he loves music!

Graham also got a subscription of the Friend from my parents for Christmas! He’s SO excited to read his special magazine and asks for the stories every day.

He’s also still LOVING preschool and can recognize some letters and numbers, loves talking about the weather, and is doing a great job at counting and doing the projects. He HATES getting his hands messy which makes me laugh—he’s totally my kid!

I am just SUPER proud of how grown up he is, his manners, how fast he’s learning, and just what a good kid he is. I don’t know how we got so lucky honestly!

I’m also 18 weeks pregnant and am feeling great! We feel the baby move which is so awesome and fun. I am HUNGRY which is annoying all the time hahaha. I’m still running which is great, Graham is still so pumped for his brother, and we are plugging right along! I can’t go back to sleep if I wake up in the night which is realllly annoying but that’s ok. It’s all worth it. We can’t wait for this little guy!

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