I’m one of those obnoxious girls who loves every song that comes on the radio, each part of the movie is “my favorite part,” whose favorite food is Italian and Chinese and Thai and Indian and American and everything else. And I’m also one of those girls who considers more than one person her best girlfriend. Best friend is such a weird title, and one that people are funny about. In my opinion I have lots of “best friends.” To some people, you can only have 1 best friend. One very best, always and forever, best friend. But I disagree. I have best friends who are the “best” at lots of different things. Some are the best at listening, some are the best at making me laugh, some are the best at never making me feel bad and some are the best at never letting me down. So yes, I give out the term “best friend” a lot, but that doesn’t mean that any of those people aren’t actually my best friends. Because every single person who gets that title, deserves it for one reason or another.

In my opinion, deeming one person and only that one person your best friend is just hurting you in the long run. Have lots of friends and lots of best friends. Make sure they’re the BEST for you and the BEST to you. That’s what the terms and conditions of a “best friend” should be. Being the best person they can, and helping you be the best person you can be. Those are my credentials of a best friend, so it’s obvious that I have more than one of those. Because I am surrounded by amazing girls who try and help me be better. And I’m a very lucky girl.


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