General Conference and Easter

We had such a beautiful General Conference weekend and then Easter weekend!

The boy loved celebrating Women’s History Month in March with cool shirts with amazing women on them!

General Conference weekend meant lots of playing with cousins, eating delicious food, and fun workbook activities.

Easter was the BEST. We colored eggs with Grandma and Grandpa at our house and Dad made his famous themed ones, choosing a Mario/Smash Brothers/Video Game theme that the boys LOVED.

Our neighborhood Easter egg hunt went really well, with over 60 kids and a pancake breakfast! Randy cooked eggs while Maddy helped with the Primary! The boys found lots of eggs and our cute balloon backdrop that a friend made was a hit! The Richards family dinner and egg hunt was so fun and Graham and Wells love seeing their cousins and their grandparents. Everyone always has to have Milanos and Pringles every time we go to Grammy and Grampy’s too which is so fun!

On Easter Morning the Easter Bunny brought SO many goodies, including a brand new CAR for the boys! Chalk, bubbles, and plenty of candy too. The boys were in heaven! After church where Graham sang, we went to the Lows for a fun Easter Egg hunt! Tons of candy and toys there for everyone to enjoy, and a delicious dinner. Wells wanted to be in the shed with Grandpa, jamming to music, while the adults played frisbee.

During the week of Easter we talked about Holy Week, and I got to do my favorite thing and wash the boys feet while we talk about Jesus and how He did that too. It’s always a time of beautiful reflection as I ponder the Savior I have come to know, and how much I love Him. I feel so lucky to understand more about His love than I ever have before.

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