Randy went on a business trip the week after Easter so the boys and I ate out, had movie nights, and went on a super fun hike with our friends! The boys had so much fun exploring, eating snacks, and Wells was a champ being carried.

I got to celebrate a friends 30th birthday with a 90’s themed party that was SO cute.

Graham had his end of year art show for his art class and he did SUCH a beautiful job with all his artwork this year. It’s so cool to watch him learn and find things he loves. And we LOVE Miss Kenzie!

I’ve been trying new kinds of cooking and really loving making Thai food lately! We also had a cream puff bakeoff which was so much fun!

Randy ran the Salt Lake City Half Marathon and did SO good! He finished in 1:39 and had a 7:22 per mile pace. I am SO proud and so obsessed with him. He’s so incredible!

The boys are growing up too fast. Wells can talk your ear off, can count, knows some colors, and has LOTS of opinions. Graham can read and do math, is riding his three wheeler around, loves to scooter, and is too smart. Both of these boys are so fun and we are so lucky that our family is so fun!

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