Wells at 18 Months

Oh our sweet Wells. Wells is so curious and fearless. He climbs, slides, bounces, jumps, all with so much enthusiasm. He loves music and will ask for “Laba” or “Party” or “Was” or “Feeling” a million times and bop to all of them. He will plop down on my lap for a book at any time and loves the bath. He wanders around the house looking for “G!!!” and can name all the body parts, animal sounds, and even count. He loves to give hugs but doesn’t want to hold your hand most of the time. He is fiercely independent but at the same time, doesn’t love to be alone. He would drum all day if we would let him. He is obsessed with coloring and all his musical instruments, is sometimes entertained by cars or trains, but really wants to do whatever Graham is doing. He is a champion sleeper, a great eater and loves eggs, turkey, cheese, noodles, rice, strawberries, and really anything we give him. He is sweet and brave and we love him so much!

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