Somehow the month of January just flew by! We blinked and it’s gone. We had a lot of routine and normal days with Graham going to school and art class, spending time playing, working, adjusting to busy season, playing with Noelia, cooking and baking, and just enjoying everything!

This month we also enjoyed movie nights with friends, sledding, a trip to the natural history museum where the boys loved the geodes “dine-saurs” as Wells calls them, and the statues.

There was a fateful trip to Classic Skating where Graham biffed it on his scooter and we ended up at an emergency dentist! His lip has healed and his teeth should be fine, but what an adventure! Graham was BAWLING in the car, adamant that the whole day was ruined and that he would never be going back to the skating rink, asking HOW COULD YOU TAKE ME THERE MOM.

The boys were so proud of themselves making a cake from scratch. Wells loves helping, saying “help you” and “turn” every time I’m in the kitchen.

Graham finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Mom and Dad so we had a full on WONKA NIGHT which was such a blast! Graham LOVED the movie and Wells loved eating snacks with everyone.

The boys also went to the jump park Get Air and Wells was in heaven. Graham is finally getting brave enough to go try the slides and bouncing, but Wells has just never had any fear! He was getting bopped around and loved every second.

It’s flown by, but it’s been a fun time!

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