Back To School

We enjoyed a beautiful Labor Day Weekend at the zoo with family. Graham was so excited to see the tigers and the polar bear, Wells loved the monkeys. The lions were incredible and the leopards were eating while we were walking by. The whole thing was amazing and it was so fun to be there with the family!

That evening we enjoyed our Back to School Feast. We made delicious food and had a fancy meal and talked about our goals for the year. We had beautiful prayers and got ready for the school year ahead. There were fun desserts and it was just a great night.

Graham is in preschool again this year and he was so excited, and nervous! On the day he loved getting the pictures, but when we dropped him off he was so nervous! He was crying a bit but got in the groove and was ready to go after a few minutes.

I am SO proud of Graham. Right now he tells us he wants to be a racecar driver, he loves learning about anything and everything, he loves reading with us and is starting to figure out how to read himself. He knows all the sounds and letters and numbers and he’s so stinking smart. I just love him and am so proud!

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