My cute friends threw me the most AMAZING surprise birthday party in the world the other day. One texted me asking if we could go get a treat because she was having a rough day. She said another was still getting hair done. I texted my friend across the street and offered to bring by some biscuits I had made. I got to Sydney’s house and asked what she wanted to go do. SHOCK she had a blindfold. I still didn’t get it. I thought maybe she was taking me to dinner or to go get a treat. We showed up to Navy’s house and THIS. The CUTEST Parent Trap party in the world. Camp Walden shirts custom made by Sydney, banners and signs she designed and printed, a delicious cake and dessert she made. Balloons and the movie and all the magic, music, flowers, provided by Navy. An entire poker game with nail polish and candy, Evian water with the tiny lizards from Kat. Chili and cornbread that was SO good from Catherine. It was all so perfect I wanted to die! PLUS they all gave me such thoughtful gifts. Like how in the world did I land these friends?? I’m truly the luckiest person alive.

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