Bear Lake Camping

The month of July has been jam packed with fun! We have a summer bucket list and we’ve spent a lot of time getting everything on it checked off. We went and fed the ducks and had a lemon freeze which was a delicious summer treat! Both of the boys loved feeding the ducks and Wells even said Duck and Quack while we were there! He also has started to say cheese, water, Graham, dog, woof, and the list goes on. We went to the Aquarium with Courtney and Tommy and the boys loved every second! Wells spent most of the time with Courtney, looking at fish and pointing at them and making sounds. They loved it so much!

We went to Bear Lake with my family and it was a blast!!! We rented an AirBnb and stayed with Ben and Kim in the house. It was a sweet little country house. We spent most of the time up at the camping ground with the RV. Graham loved running around in the forest, playing with Walkie Talkies, stickers, making bracelets, etc. We went on a great hike, ate delicious food, played in the dirt, played games, threw frisbees, etc. The next day we went out to the lake and the boys had the BEST time at the beach and in the water. We paddle boarded, kayaked, and had truly the best time. It was amazing to spend all the time with family and eating smores around the fire. Graham cried the night before we left because he was so sad about having to leave and go home. He said he always wanted to go camping. We took a scenic route home and loved driving trough the open countryside and mountains. It was a vacation we won’t forget!

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