4th of July

We had a great fourth of July weekend/week with lots of family and fun. At the Kaysville parade a little girl was killed on a float and that was horrible. It made the day feel somber as we thought about our privilege to have our family and how to better appreciate each other. It made the day a more thoughtful one, but I was grateful for the way our community came together in the wake of a tragedy.

We started the day with a patriotic breakfast while Randy ran the 10k and took SECOND. So proud.

Then off to the parade, a family BBQ, and the fireworks. It was a different year but the boys had SO much fun playing with friends and family, seeing fireworks, and eating delicious food. The hometown 4th of July is one of my favorite things!

The week after the 4th Randy didn’t have to work so we went to Cherry Hill, the Children’s Museum, and got to spend lots of time together. The boys have LOVED Cherry Hill this summer and are pros at our weekly excursions. The Children’s Museum was so fun and full of great activities the boys loved.

And I finished my MBA! I started in January while Randy was in busy season and plowed through, finishing in 6 months. I loved my courses, particularly learning about Accounting, Data Analysis, Marketing, etc. Randy was amazing and so supportive whether helping me with homework or taking care of the family. I’m so lucky and so proud.

The summer has been so good to us already and I can’t wait to see how the rest of our summer goes. It’s already moving too fast and I’m just trying to soak in every last moment.

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