Eleven Months Old

How is it possible my baby is eleven months old?? I swear I was pregnant ten minutes ago! But in other ways, I can’t remember how we did anything before he was here.

Wells had a busy, busy month!

-first plane ride and trip to Disney. He loved it but wanted to crawl everywhere which is tricky standing in line for a ride!
-he crawls up the stairs at an alarmingly fast pace.
-he says hey, dada, and bye bye.
-he still does his goofy crawl but can fly across the room. he also walks behind toys or boxes or cars to steady himself.
-he’s a tornado, moving fast and making messes more than Graham ever did!
-he will eat anything and everything and is getting more teeth to help him chomp.
-he loves being held, sleeps like a champ, and for all his craziness he is still so sweet!
Can’t wait to keep watching you grow baby boy

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