Graham is FOUR

I can hardly believe it. He can’t be four already! It was just yesterday that I called the hospital, drove in, laughed the day away, wasn’t sure I could do it, met him. No tears that day, just calm and sweet. Four years with him hasn’t been nearly enough and I can’t wait for every second I will get with him. It’s truly an honor to be Graham’s mom.

The sweetest, kindest, smartest, goofiest kid in the world. He loves imagination games, reading, coloring, riding his scooter or bike, playing with mom or dad or wells, and music. He is everything good.

We celebrated his birthday with presents, cake, going to a school field trip, Old McDonald’s for lunch, playing with his new toys, a bike ride, his favorite foods for dinner, and of course more cake!

We had a little Spidey and his Amazing Friends birthday party at the end of the week and Graham was in heaven playing with his friends. Really and truly it was the best birthday and I can’t wait to see what this year of being 4 will bring.

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