I can’t believe it but we are building a house! So many things have shifted and come together for this to work out for us and we are so happy! We were under contract on another home and didn’t feel great about it, especially after the inspection. So we backed out and we were sad. I was feeling pretty hopeless and unsure that anything would ever fall into place. The housing market is so crazy and I wasn’t sure how we could afford anything. I had liked the neighborhood in Syracuse and had toyed about building there a year ago but it hadn’t seemed right. The prices kept rising and I just wasn’t sure how it would work out. I’d been looking at smaller houses and decided to look at some of the bigger ones instead. The smaller houses had a 3 month wait and then an 8 month build which was really crazy. When we started looking at the bigger houses we found the waitlist was much shorter and we could maybe have a lot in just a few weeks. So we started really investigating it and pricing everything out and it just seemed like a good fit. The builder was SO great working with us and let us know that a lot would be available in a couple of days. They got us the lot we wanted with the color house we wanted and everything. The day came and we were able to sign the papers just hours after the lots were released!

I went to the design center a few days later and picked out allllll the stuff we wanted and it was so crazy and stressful and also fun! It’s so fun to envision all the things that will come together for our home. We are so excited. It won’t be done until October or November which is sooo long to wait but it’s also not too bad in the grand scheme of things. I can’t stop myself from driving over to the lot even though they won’t break ground until May! We’re just sure it will be a great house and neighborhood for our family.

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