Gestational diabetes round 2 and Easter eggs

Gestational diabetes round TWO for this mama. I went in for the test at the normal 24 weeks and lucky me, I developed if later in pregnancy. So back to finger pokes and low carb. But this little boy will be worth it! I feel much more in control of it this time and like I can manage it.

Graham wants to be just like dad! He loves taking his glasses, wants his hair tied up, wants to sit in his office, it’s too cute!

Gestational diabetes means lots of walks and runs for me and Graham and Randy are great to tag along! The weather is getting warmer and I love spending time with them outside.

We had an early Easter celebration with Melanie because she would be gone for Easter and it was so fun! We went to Top Golf for Grandma and Grandpa’s birthday which was great, and then we dyed Easter eggs in the evening. Randy did a Jazz theme for his eggs this year and they turned out AWESOME. I love how engaged he gets in making the eggs and how much fun it is for everyone.

It’s been one year since the pandemic started and it’s crazy to think how things have changed. I wonder how Graham is affected because we haven’t gone to play with friends or done other activities that we normally would do. I look at our home church and think about how it has changed the way I feel about the Gospel. I’m hoping so many things are going to be part of our new life, like working from home and taking things slow and being cautious when we’re sick. It’s crazy to think that we had no idea how long this would go on and what it would mean. My heart aches for all the things we have lost. The people who have died, the families that have been forever changed, jobs lost, lives permanently altered. We’ve been so insanely lucky. But I hope we take every day moving forward in stride and know how lucky we are have it.

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