Family camp

We have been having the time of our lives here! We’ve been enjoying so much time with my family, social distancing together. Randy is a favorite with the kids, building trains with them and pretty much doing whatever they ask! We’ve played games and eaten so much yummy food, played in the water out side, played on the swings (Graham got a little foot in the face from one swinging incident but he’s ok!) and CAMPING.

My parents have a big beautiful RV and we took it up to Idaho for a fun camping trip. The kids had a blast running around, playing in the dirt and moving their chairs around to sit. We had to rope off the areas so they knew where to go and not go and it actually worked super well!

We hiked, ate caramel corn, played games, had smores and cake, roasted hot dogs and really just had such a blast. Getting there was a small hiccup, we had to turn around and meet my grandpa to deliver one of our car keys back to our landlord to move our car. And then a Jeep almost rolled while we were almost to the campsite, so Randy hopped out to help, but other than that it was smooth sailing! It was so fun just to escape with the family for a few days.

Randy was also pretty into working with the fire and found this amazing stick that was perfect for moving wood and stirring everything so it was burning well. He fell in love with that stick hahaha we even did a little photo shoot of him with it at the end.

We’re lucky and so sad that our family is heading home now, but we can’t wait to all be together again soon.

Only a few more weeks of summer—I’m not sure where the time went really. We’re sad but hope that fall will bring some new adventures and fun times, and hopefully more coronavirus help and a chance to get more back to normal.

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