How is it August?

I blinked and it is AUGUST. I’m not sure how it happened! We’ve been in pure bliss mode with cousins to hang out with all the time. We spend so much time at my moms playing around and letting the kids have a great time together. We’ve all been really careful to social distance around others so we keep each other safe.

We’ve fed the ducks and the kids loved laying in the grass, we’ve been having art class where we’ve learned about Jackson Pollock and Van Gogh, we play at my grandparent’s house (Grammy and Grampy to the kids) and that has be SO sweet and fun. And we’ve just loved being all together. And we’ve had game night with the adults complete with the great cookie tasteoff where we ordered SO many cookies and tried them all, which was super delicious and fun.

In the middle of the coronavirus crazy it’s been so great to have time with family. We miss my sister on a mission but we get to facetime her and that’s been super awesome. I’m so glad Graham gets to have such good friendships with all his cousins!

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