Lessons On Love: Love Grows

I was in love with Randy when I was 17 years old. 
But it’s not the same love I have today.
People always say that when you’re young you can’t be in love, but I don’t believe that. I believe that when I was 5, I “loved” my kindergarten boyfriend as much as my little five year old heart could.
I believe that the heart break I had in the 9th grade was as painful for my 15 year old heart as heart break could be.
I believe that falling in love with Randy when I was 17 was the most love I could feel for him, and it wasn’t as much as it is now, but it was still love.
Love has taught me that over time it grows and changes, develops and blossoms. I love Randy so differently now than I did when we first got married. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t love, or that one love is better. It is just different.
And that’s an amazing gift that we get from love.

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